WSFA 12 on Tour: A Look Inside Russell Corporation

When you talk about the economy in Alex City... The Russell Corporation takes center stage.  Russell Corporation was founded by Benjamin Russell back in 1902.  Right now Russell has 2,900 employees in Alex City, but that number will go down by the end of August.

The textile operations which include knitting, wet dyeing and finishing will close down... But still russell will have about 24,00 employees.   Russell also has a major textile operation in Wetumpka, a distribution center in Montgomery and its sock operation in Fort Payne.

One hot spot on the Russell campus is the newly named "Sportscenter."  It makes jerseys and team apparel for schools all over the country.  There's something special about putting on a jersey.  It all

starts in the basement, known around there as the dugout.  Russell buys fabric, patterns are drawn on and then its time to make the cuts.

Workers place the marked material on robotic machines that cut out thousands of pieces of fabric that will eventually be the jerseys athletes all over the country wear when they take the field. After all the right cuts are made, the pieces are neatly bundled, tagged and sent upstairs.

During this next step, things really start to take shape.   During the screening process the big numbers or logos are painted on.

It's a year-round job for the 350 workers at the sportscenter.  Sports teams from one end of the country to the other depend on them to make sure they look good come game time.