WSFA 12 On Tour: Terrell Owens

If you watch the NFL you have to have an opinion... is Terrell Owens one of the best players in the game or is he a spoiled, self centered, ego-maniac who hurts his team more than he helps it.  Sports fans can debate this for days, but we found two ladies who have the inside scoop.  Both women taught little T-O as he grew up in Alex City.

   For most of us the Terrell Owens we know is the one we see on television.   The folks at Radney Elementary School in Alex City  know a different TO.   Former Radney Principal, Barbara Young says, "he was always courteous and had that smile, the one you see when he's in a good mood." Barbara Young is now the mayor in Alex City.  She remember's little terrell in the classroom.  She says little TO stayed out of trouble, but as for big TO, "I'm disappointed, in Alex city we don't promote our boys to hot dog it, I talked with him one time when he came home and he said Mrs. Young I'm just having fun," says Mayor Young.

   Gayle Humprhey taught Terrell in the eighth grade.  She says, "the main thing about terrell, whatever he was doing he wanted to do the best he could."  Humprhey must have made an impression; when Owens came out with his book he was quick to mention his former history teacher.  "He talks about how I encouraged him and he paid me the biggest compliment by saying I'm the first person outside his family he trusted," says Humprhey.  The respect is mutual, Mrs. Humprhey sounds more like an offensive coordinator than a former teacher, "if you throw it anywhere near him he'll catch it, he has long arms, big hands, I yell throw him the ball I find myself saying it."

Mayor Young tells us Terrell Owens comes back to Alex City every now and then, but usually comes in low