Downtown Alex City Showcases Many Beautiful Sites

One thing to keep in mind about Alex City's downtown area is that the train comes right through the middle of town.

The city is named for the man who brought the Savannah and Memphis Railway to town. His name was Edward Alexander.

Flash forward over 100 years and the railroad is still part of the town's lifeline. And it's even the brunt of a few jokes. You see, the train comes through the downtown at 4 o'clock each day so drivers have to plan their routes accordingly. The engineer even stops the train several times each week and eats and the Piggly Wiggly deli.

The heart of downtown Alexander City reveals a spirit determined to hold onto history.

"We are very much a part of operation downtown," said Chamber of Commerce employee Susan Foy.

Operation downtown focuses on refurbishing buildings on main street.

"Several are taking old facades off, putting news ones on to reflect the original," said Foy.

And don't miss going back in time by stopping at Carlisle's Pharmacy downtown known for its soda fountain lime-freezes. Residents say everybody in town enjoys the drink.

The heart of Alexander city reveals a charming small-town flavor and you can't beat the backyard.

"Our backyard is Lake Martin," said Foy.

Some 44 thousand acres of backyard. It's perfect for boating, swimming, strolling, biking.

Residents say the lake is their claim to fame. It used to be their own little secret but now it's lively every day.

Alexander City is just thankful to still have a downtown. It was 1902 when what locals call "the fire" destroyed the entire downtown district. Losses totaled 400 thousand dollars. By today's standards that loss would be somewhere in the millions.