Charles Henderson High School Sports Arena

This time of year football teams are gearing up for the season.   Before they battle other teams on the field they have to battle mother nature.   Sometimes it's intense heat other times it's severe weather.     At Charles Henderson High School in Troy they play rain or shine, storm or no storm thanks to a new indoor sports facility.    "This building is basically used for every outdoor sport," said Charles Henderson football coach Hugh Fountain.   "It gives us the opportunity to work on athletic development no matter what the weather conditions are.   The last couple of days the heat index has been 106 or 107, its not relaxing in here, but it's not 106 or 107 you know."

The indoor complex has an astro turf field and its lined for football practice.   It also has nets on the ceiling that can be lowered so baseball and softball players can take batting practice.   There's a brand new locker room, new coaches offices and a new laundry facility to make sure the players have clean clothes.

But don't jump to conclusions.  These aren't pampered players who are trying to avoid the heat.    "Oh yeah we still get out in the heat, we run outside and so some stuff inside," said player Zach Swindall.   "We work hard everyday no matter where we practice," said player Jeffrey Ennis.

You can see how proud the coaches and players are of their new indoor practice facility.  It won't guarantee Charles Henderson High School a state championship, but it will get the ready.  " I tell our kids all the time we're fortunate to have this, it doesn't make us better than everyone else, but it gives us the opportunity not to have any excuses for being the best," said coach Fountain.