Crowe's Chicken - A Troy Tradition

Maybe it is the crust, maybe it is the sauce. Whatever it is, it keeps people coming back for more. We are talking about a tradition in Troy, Crowe's Chicken.

It is sits on U.S. 231 as you pass through Troy. It is sort of like a magnet that draws you in. Whether you buy it by the piece, or the extremely popular chicken tenders customers say the taste is something to crowe about.

So what's the secret? You won't get it out of owner Robert Jones. He says, "There is a lot of love in the cooking." But we know there is more to it than that, but we know too that if they tell, "...Than it's no secret..

Laura Kolmantz is a Troy graduate who ate here often as a student. She lives in Birmingham now, but she is making sure this tasty tradition stays alive and well with her family.

A down home feel and friendliness are two other things served up at Crowes.  Robert Jones says, "I was born and bred here. So I know most everyone, that helps!"

There are two Crowe's locations in Troy. Jones says his chicken is now fried in non-fat cooking oil to cut down on cholesterol.

Reporter: Kim Hendrix