WSFA 12 on Tour: Wilderness Park

Typically, city limit and wilderness park signs don't go together, unless you live in prattville. Then again, giant bamboo and this side of the globe don't go together either, unless of course you live in Prattville.

this is what we call the giant bamboo. And in the giant bamboo line...they will grow.

(video of rack focus bamboo)...and grow...and grow! (hold video)

sot 53:50 - 53:56

(cover with video) they talk about how it can grow up to a foot a day, sometimes it's been reported they can grow even more than that.

Believe it or not, this giant bamboo is located within the 26 acres of wilderness park right here in the city limits of prattville, off upper kingston road.

Sot 49:05 - 49:36

this piece of property was of course a part of a large track of land that through the years went from the may family down to daniel pratt. Through some of his heirs, through the mcqueen-smith family, which are two prominent families here in pratville. Ultimately it ended up in 1940 with a gentleman named floyd smith who had a greenhouse here and had an interest in exotic plants and ordered some bamboo plants from a washington import company. And for sixty-six years ago now, he started this bamboo forest.

Over the years, the land was passed along until the city of prattville proudly purchased the land in 1980 and registered the property as a natural wilderness park.

Sot 51:21 - 51:30

when you come down the walkway, you really don't expect you're walking into something, and then all of the sudden you come into this are that's got the bamboo and just really a pretty sight, very qiuet.