Famous Water Bottler In Autauga County

Drive about ten miles west of Prattville and you will be in Autaugaville. Here is an interesting fact Autauga means water.

WSFA 12 did a little digging and learned some other folks did a whole lot of digging to find water in these here lands.

Cliff Davis is the owner of Autauga Springs Water Company. He says they had to dig 516 feet under ground before fresh, gushing water started bubbling up. Davis says it was, "so much I couldn't believe it. 100 gallons a minute come to the surface." And with that, a business was born.  Davis says, "This is a state of the art lab. We can bottle more than 200 bottles per minute."

Davis says water is his passion.  He says, "No human hands get close to our water." Davis takes the pure water found some 500 feet under Autaugaville and purifies it three more times, not because he has to, but because he want you to know this is the best.

Davis doesn't sell the water, which he calls, "a gift from God." He just charges for the bottle, the cap, and the label.

For more information on Autauga Springs Water Company call 334-358-8293 or go to www.designerlabelwater.com