Man Charged with Murder in North Montgomery Shooting

Leshun Bean/MPD Photo
Leshun Bean/MPD Photo

Leshun Bean has been charged with the murder of Annette Green, who was caught in the middle of a physical altercation between Bean and Green's boyfriend in a north Montgomery neighborhood.

According to the Montgomery Police Department.  Bean and the victim's boyfriend became involved in a physical altercation in reference to automotive work the boyfriend was performing for a friend of Mr. Bean's.

It is alleged Bean retrieved a handgun from his vehicle during the altercation and began shooting at the victim's boyfriend.  According to police the victim and boyfriend both attempted to run once Bean started shooting but the victim was struck one time in the mid-torso and later died as a result of the injury.

Bean received a cut to the head during the altercation which required stitches.  Upon his release Bean was charged with murder.