Streets of Speed Success in Auburn

All it takes is teamwork.  It started with a WSFA 12 Streets of Speed story.    After it aired we told some Auburn residents what they would have to do to get the change they were looking for.   Two persistent Auburn women went door to door collecting signatures.   Finally the women took their petition to the city and six months later their Street of Speed is slowing down.

We took our first trip to Old Mill Road in Auburn in February.   Neighbors were frustrated and hoping Streets of Speed and WSFA 12 could help.   "We have a lot of speeders here," said resident Valerie Carson.   "The cars just seem to race up and down the street," said resident Elizabeth Lundey.   "I have small children and I get nervous anytime they get near the street."

We pulled out Zapper 12 six months ago and found a lot of cars going close to 40 miles per hour in a 25 zone.  The parents didn't want their kids anywhere near the sidewalks or the street.

Fast forward six months and Old Mill Road looks like a completely different street.  There's a speed hump and a traffic circle and you can see the difference right away.  There are fewer cars and the cars that do go down the street are going slower.   "There's been a huge difference in the rate of speed that cars are going down our street," said Lundey.  "I used to have my heart in my throat when my kids tried to cross the street, now I feel much better about it."

And you can see a huge difference.  The sidewalks are now filled with kids on scooters and parents are breathing a sigh of relief.   It was an uphill battle but they never gave up and now Old Mill Road is no longer a Street of Speed.   "We almost gave up several times," said Valerie Carson.  "Our children want to play outside and ride on their bikes and we plan on being here for awhile so if you have a speeding problem, don't give up, do like we did and call WSFA 12's Streets of Speed."