Alabama Wild Shrimp Omelet


¼ pound wild Alabama shrimp

green onions to taste, optional

parsley, to taste

2 tablespoon butter, separated

6-7 spears fresh asparagus

2 eggs, well beaten (for each omelet)

1 teaspoon milk

¼ t. dry mustard

1/8 t. Mrs. Dash®

¼ t. cayenne pepper (optional)

2 oz. shredded Asiago cheese

additional parsley,  for garnish

Peel and de-vein shrimp.  Cut shrimp into small pieces saving several large shrimp for garnish.  Sauteshrimp, onions and parsley  in butter until thoroughly cooked.  Set aside.  Steam asparagus.  Cut into small pieces saving tips for garnish in the fold of the omelet.  Beat together eggs, milk and seasonings.  Add cut up shrimp and asparagus.  Pour into omelet pan.  Rotate spatula around egg mixture gently allowing the uncooked portion to slide under the omelet until done.  Turn omelet and begin filling with remaining cut-up shrimp and asparagus.  Sprinkle with grated Asiago cheese.

Makes 1 omelet