Floyd Elementary, A Success Story

Floyd Elementary School's principal knows all the hard work here is paying off with an a plus. Cheryl Coprich  credits everyone including parents, "Many were up here day in and day out and we also did a Saturday project breakfast."  She says, "We have done tons of things ... Number one we revisited attendance."

She says they push Math and Reading, "Children spent lots of time in this area with intervention."

That reading intervention was especially beneficial for some special boys who were having problems. But success here starts in the classroom.

Lucille Hall is a teacher leader who adds,  "Every teacher has to get a grip on each child in the classroom. You have to know your students. You have to know their weaknesses. You have to know their strengths."

When it comes to a secret recipe for success, leaders at Floyd Elementary say a lot of that depends on a heaping helping of research.

Coprich addds, "We started looking at the data a little more closer and allowing the data to drive our instruction.

And that formula seems to be working nicely. Teachers here seem to have a zip in their step as they prepare for the school year.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson