ASU Dorm Room Shortage

The start of any school year comes with the usual stressors of a new schedule, but some students at Alabama State University don't even know where they will be living this fall.

Two residence halls are closed for renovations, leaving dozens of students who paid their $200 housing fee in the dark only days before the start of classes.

University President, Dr. Joe Lee, says, "The crunch itself has also been exacerbated by the fact that we have a larger than anticipated freshman class."

Lee says ASU will now accommodate more than 1,400 freshmen and new students, hundreds more than originally expected.  School officials see that as a good problem they plan to address, but those planning to move in this weekend have a different opinion.

Sophomore from Prattville, Varnee Deramus, says, "Parents are packing up all their stuff thinking they can bring their children here on Sunday and they can't even move in because they do not know where they're assigned."

Deramus says the confusion and frustration is heightened for friends of hers in the same limbo, but live out of state.  Meanwhile, the university says it has arrangements with another nearby facility to house the spill over of students and will provide transportation to campus.

This isn't the first time ASU has dealt with growing pains, but President Lee insists this is all a temporary inconvenience.

Lee adds, "Some people are uncomfortable with the fact that we can't point them to a room right now, but we are making every effort to accommodate them and we're not going to turn them away."

Classes start on Wednesday, so whoever registered on time, but hasn't heard back from university housing yet, will presumably receive their housing assignments when they arrive on campus.  President Lee adds, "Pardon the progress."

Alabama State University plans to renovate four more residence halls over the next two years.

Reporter: Theo Travers