Streets of Speed on Greencrest Lane - Montgomery Alabama news.

August 16, 2006

Streets of Speed on Greencrest Lane

    He watches cars and trucks zip past his front yard every day.  And he's seen enough.    Nathan Forrest of Prattville called the Streets of Speed hotline looking for some help.  We took Zapper 12 out to his neighborhood and we caught some speeders going over 45 miles per hour in a 25 zone.   The Forrest's have a beautiful little 4-year old girl, Chloe, and they're worried about her safety.   "The only thing I don't like about this neighborhood is the speeders who come through here," said Forrest.

   For Chloe the front yard is pretty much off limits.  So she drives her little toy John Deere tractor in the backyard.   "We're just scared to death she may wander out in the street, they're going 45 to 50 miles per hour and they might not be able to stop in time."  

   Now the Forrest's are hoping for some changes in the Avalon Heights neighborhood.  They've already lost several pets and they've seen enough.   After we aired our story on WSFA 12 News Prattville Police set up shop on Greencrest Lane and handed out several tickets.   And there could be more to come.  So if you travel down Greencrest Lane in Prattville watch out, it may be more than Zapper 12 out there next time.

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