Streets of Speed at Prattville Preschool

Pickup time is supposed to be an exciting time for parents at the end of a school day.  It's a chance to catch up with your kid on everything that went on in school that day.  But at the Glynwood Baptist Church in Prattville, pickup time is a scary time for the parents and kids.  The problem:   speed.

"Three people almost got wiped out last Thursday," said preschool director Tammy Klimek.    "Traffic is horrible, trying to get in and out of here is like a danger zone," said parent Terra Jorgensen.   The church is located on McQueen Smith Rd. in Prattville.  The speed limit here is 40 miles per hour.    With 130 comings coming in and out of this parking lot 3 days aweek, safety is a huge concern.   "There was a lady who was almost hit a week ago by a logging truck, she had children in her van, it was awful," said parent Michelle Bush.

We pulled out Zapper 12 and clocked a lot of cars and trucks going well over 50 miles per hour.  There was some big logging trucks going in the 50's too and parents say they'd never be able to stop in time if somebody pulled out in front of them.   And because theres a hill just down the street, it's tough to tell if someone's coming.   "You can't see around the curve so you look toward the Exxon and then look the other way, it's crazy,"  said parent Amber Hanson.

School officials say they've tried to get some help from the city but haven't had much luck.  They have plenty of ideas to slow down this "Street of Speed", they just need some help.   "They could have a turn lane or a light to make it easier for people to get in,"  said Klimek.   "They need something, maybe an officer, a light, sign, anything would be better than what we have now,"   said Jorgensen.

WSFA 12 News did contact the city of Prattville looking for answers.  City officials told us they would send out officers to patrol the area.  The city traffic engineer was out of town, but we'll stay on top of this story and see if there are any possible solutions down the road.