Only on 12: ASU Dorm Dilemma

Some ASU students have been assigned to hotels instead of dorms.
Some ASU students have been assigned to hotels instead of dorms.

The return to school wasn't so welcoming for some students at Alabama State University.  Many who paid their deposits for campus housing found themselves assigned to hotel rooms instead.

The problem is renovation work at two ASU dorms. Now some are questioning the university's handling of the overflow of students.

Sophmore, Kurt Wilson, is living the suite life in the Guesthouse Hotel and Suites in downtown Montgomery. For him, the temporary digs-- though a little cramped and moldy in places-- are still an upgrade from his freshman year residence hall at ASU.

The univesity chose to take two buildings offline this year to renovate while also taking in a record number of new students. For those they couldn't fit on campus, ASU is providing rooms elsewhere.

The school also provides a shuttle to and from campus for those without cars. Naturally, some are not pleased with the inconvience.

Wilson says, "Students are waiting in the lobbies for long periods of time for the bus. They don't follow the schedule. They're never on time."

Many wonder how 'they' got placed on the outs, after paying their housing deposits on time. And why is it students who travelled as far away as Michigan didn't know of the problem until they arrived to move into their dorms?

Sophomore, Cameron Glenn, suggests, "'We want your money now, but we'll handle your problem when you get here.' That's how I look at it, that it's all about the money."

Students who spoke with WSFA 12 say they're generally thrilled about the upgrade to student housing.  They just wish there was better communication between the university and the student body.

Glenn adds, "Maybe if they let us know that they're trying and some other information on how things are not working out as they should, then maybe we could be more sympathetic to what is going on. But they're not telling us anything."

School officials were unavailble this weekend, but last week, university president Joe Lee told us, the school is doing everything it can to handle the problem. He said he regrets any confusion or inconvience the transistion may cause, but he believes students will be pleased with the end results.

Hotel managers say they've arranged to house students through January of next year.  WSFA 12 hasn't confirmed this timeline with ASU.

WSFA 12 News has learned Alabama State University also plans to renovate four other residents halls on campus over the next two years.

Reporter: Theo Travers