New Montgomery School Board Members React

Since Charlotte Meadows, Elenor Dawkins, and Melissa Snowden are not active until December, they were not in the executive session.  Their roles leading up to Thursday's meeting have been mainly peripheral for the same reason, but even under circumstances where they were allowed to vote in this matter, it appears the outcome would be the same. Both Meadows and Snowden say they were in favor of terminating Purcell.

Meadows says, "I've been concerned about the lack of communication, the lack of accountability to the Board."

Snowden says, "I would have voted for her to leave. There have been so many disturbing things. That's why I decided to run."

Elenor Dawkins, who will replace Tommie Miller in District Three, declined to give her reaction Thursday.   Board Chairman, Dave Borden, says the three new members will have a say in the selection of the next superintendent.

Reporter: Theo Travers