Montgomery Teacher is a Class Act

The computers at Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School could do all of the math for the students; but LaMecha James wants them to know how to do it the old fashioned way. "She's a great teacher. Down to Earth, it's like having a friend teach you, it's easy she makes sure you understand. It's a good class, you can't help but to pass," says 10th grader Tyrone West.

"Before we have like a mid-term or a final exam test for nine weeks, she scheduled tutoring sessions if we needed them," adds classmate Aaryn Compton.

Brewbaker principal Stan Cox says it's not uncommon to see James in the early evening tutoring students on own personal time. He uses her to help new teachers. "It's invaluable for us to pair an experienced teacher, a successful experienced teacher with a neophyte. They pass on secrets that work, they give them tool kits full of tools to make sure the children are learning," he says.

Along with helping students master complex equations, James also leads some of the charity efforts the kids take part in. "It's important that they realize that we're here to better our community as well. We want to become productive and good citizens, but we also want to help others to be their best as well, " says James.