Does it Work - October 23rd

If painting has been on your "honey do" list for awhile now but you've been putting it off because it takes took much time, you might want to head to the store now and buy that paint. Our "Does it work" guy, David Hagood has found a product that claims it can cut painting time in half, but "Does it Work?"

The "Pro-trim" paint roller commercial caught Angie Smith's eye. She's been doing a lot of painting lately and when she heard the "Pro-trim" promise that its plastic guide is better than taping off an area, she knew she had to try it.

So WSFA bought the roller for $14.99 and Angie went to work. We decided on coresu blue as the color of our paint. After pouring it in the tray that's provided with the "Pro-trim," we dipped our brush, being careful like the instructions say not to overload it with paint. Then we moved the shield to the right position and started paining.

First we painted around a light socket. We had some trouble starting out, but it became a little easier as we went along. However, the roller doesn't provide a good coat of paint and it leaves a small gap in-between the roller and socket.

Next we tried a door facing. We still had problems with our roller, it just wouldn't move. Angie Smith says, "Well, the paint is going on and everything and it's going up the the edge like it says, but the roller is not rolling at all."

So thinking the third time might just be the charm, we moved to a baseboard. We reloaded our roller and after several strokes we found that the "Pro--trim" didn't do any better. In fact this time the paint was bleeding on the baseboard. A piece of tape would have prevented this mess.

Even our photographer Kevin Ficthner gave the "Pro-trim" a try and couldn't get it to work! Pro-trim's instructions say that all tools come with their limitations and that in some special circumstances the "Pro-trim" paint roller will require brush and tape.

So why spend the money on "Pro-trim" when it leaves a gap in some spots and bleeds in others and still requires tape. Well I don't know but I give this product an "F" because it doesn't work!

If you have a product that you would like me to test out or if you would like to be a part of a "Does it Work" test e-mail me at