Decision 2006: Voters Talk About What Issues Important to Them

Bob Riley and Lucy Baxley push their platforms across the state.  Are the candidates connecting with the issues that concern Alabama voters? "Taxes are important to me, but the most important is our child's education," says Alice Johnson.

Juanita Broughton says the issue that most concerns here is education, " because I am an educator. Education is really important as far as funding and salaries."

When we asked random voters what they want in a governor most said it comes down to personal issues.  Erma Roberts says she wants to see ingenuity in a governor.  She says, "Someone who has new ideas to present to the people."

The most important issue to Leonard Holifield is, "Honesty and integrity. A person who says what he or she means and means what he or she says and does it."

Baxley and Riley are running a heavy schedule of television ads on stations across Alabama.  They're hoping to pick up votes and discredit their opponent.   However, the voters we spoke to say they don't find the ads persuasive at all. Johnson says, "People are going to make their decisions based on what they have interests in. So, there is no need to bash one candidate against the other."

Sabrina McKinney adds, "The fact that they are mudslinging is very disappointing to the voters perspective."

With two months to go until election day, about half the voters we interviewed don't know who they'll vote for.  "I'm still watching both of the candidates," says Johnson.