Bullock County Sleepy Little Economic Opportunity

Joe Stuart is the national sales manager for Bonnie Plants.  He says they've been around for a long time, "We took in the Walmart and we took in the Home Depot and we took in the Lowes. One of those 3 chains builds a new store every day."

Bonnie Plants are sold all over the US.

Gulf States International is a growing venture here. If the name doesn't sound familiar these products should. This is where they are made.

Union Springs may be small but it's keeping up with technology.

Billie Pirnie owns the Union Springs Telephone Company & Comlink Cable TV  "We were pioneers in the south east. We're proud of that. We put fiberoptic cable to the premise, to the homes and provided telephone, cable tv and high speed internet."

At Hicks Industrial Park, they're moving heaven and earth to make room for more business.

Whether it's big industry or small operations the economic development folks are putting out the welcome mat.

Just ask Dr. Julian Cope, Bullock County's Ecconomic Development Director, " We have the people. We have the proximity.... We're close to these major cities, we have the place... The industrial park to put the people and we have the right attitude and the right ethics to work with these new industries."

While Bullock County may not be grabbing headlines as an economic powerhouse, it's growing one economic seed at a time.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson