Opelika High School Band Donates Uniforms

Over the last 13 years, Opelika High School band members have worn their current uniforms with pride. Now, they're saying goodbye for a great cause in New Orleans.

Band member, Adam Noles, says, "We decided to donate our old uniforms to the Katrina relief to a high school down there that needed uniforms."

Opelika band parents got in touch with Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu's office and her staff found a school with the same black and red colors: McMain Magnet School.

Jeff Hudson, Opelika High School's band director, says, "Usually the old ones just get discarded because there's nobody that needs some, especially if they've got your school name on them."

With a few snips, Opelika's name will be off the sleeves, but band members are happy someone else can claim them.

Band member, Chaeney Lawrence, says, "When I found out, I was really excited.  I was like, 'That's a really good idea.'  I'm glad they came up with that because I didn't just want to see them thrown away or anything.  They're still good uniforms."

As the uniforms were boxed up and loaded on the truck, students said it was bittersweet, but the least they can do for fellow band members.

Band member, Seth Hunt, says, "There were a lot of things that we weren't able to do simply because we had to be in school, had to be up here.  This is one way we can give back to that community that's something they lost."

Opelika High School band parent, Foster White, works at the Wal-Mart distribution center. The company has agreed to ship the uniforms to New Orleans.  White says it won't be long before they arrive at their new home.

The uniforms will head to the Big Easy early next week and we're will likely get plenty of use this football season.