How will money for construction be spent by school board?

Montgomery mayor bobby bright says,  "i have already instructed our bond council and our finance director to move forward to getting the money ... Getting our 45 million dollars."

Bright says if that money were requested today it would take about 30 days to get the cash in hand, "We will be ready. No one will have to wait on the city of Montgomery to implement phase one."

But getting to that money will not be simple. It will 'not' be put into an account for the school board to take out when ever it pleases. Instead those requests will come back to the city.

Bright adds, "When they show us that they have incurred an expense for construction of a new school, certify that to us in writing.

Bright says the cost must be part of the DeJong plan. So what about critics who say he's trying to micro manage the board of education?  Bright says, "No! absolutely not! because we don't have a program manager. All we do is we control the ... We continue to oversee taxpayer's dollars and we verify that the school board does what they've been elected to do."

Bright says by cutting out the middle man, or board, that can save taxpayers hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson