Jesus in a Church Window

It's a pretty little church just off main street. The First Christian Church of Davenport, Oklahoma celebrated 100 years in 2005. Just about the time Johanna Cody and her sister noticed one of the double paned windows.

"We got out and took pictures and it was just such a remarkable feeling to see that up there, and I just wanted everyone else to see it."

Daylight filters through stained glass into every side of the main sanctuary, but condensation obscures the panes directly underneath the heating and cooling systems. Any other church might consider the calcium deposits that develop on the inside of the window a nuisance, but to Johanna and her sister it looked like a message from above.

"It just became imperative that the Lord wanted to be acknowledged," says Johanna.

To Johanna and to just about anyone else who happens to glance at this window, no matter what time of day, a frosted window looks like Jesus gazing down.

People see an aura above his bearded face and flowing robes descending to the bottom of the frame. The image almost looks drawn, but Johanna insists that's not possible.

"Well Mr. Culver it has not been drawn there. There is no way you can get to the outside window. The stained glass window is inside."

A tough winter or a really hot spell might someday alter this image to something else unrecognizable, but for now Johanna and a few other folks in town think God is speaking through these tiny calcified drops of water.

"It's just a beautiful, loving church, and so therefore I'm sure that's why Christ has decided to put his image in that window."

Who knows? With a picture this clear she could be right.

The First Christian Church began in 1905 with the Reverend J.G Cansler presiding. They still have a service every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Story from KFOR TV