Streets of Speed hits Highway 110

They call it suicide curve.   With a name like that, you know its dangerous.   In the last month there have been several fatal accidents along highway 110 on Vaughn Rd.   It's a pretty sharp curve and you can't see oncoming traffic because some trees block your view.   The speed limit on the curve is 40 miles per hour.   We pulled out Zapper 12 and clocked several cars in the 60's and one going 67 miles per hour.

"For miles on either side of the curve it's straight," said Montgomery county resident Neal Hudson.    "There's nothing to make you feel like its an unsafe highway so when you get to the curve it's unexpected, it's too late."

State transportation officials are well aware of the problem.  They've been making changes out at this curve since January.   They've replaced signs, add new striping, and in the last month added a flashing warning light so slow down along the curve.  "It's frustrating, but ultimately it comes down to drivers not following the speed limits," said Hudson.

We contacted state transportation officials and they tell us, after what they've seen in the last year, there is a chance they could straighten out the curve or even cut down some trees so folks could see what's coming their way.    We'll stay on top of the latest developments and let you know about any changes.