More Babies Are Dying In Alabama

Lance Robinson Junior came into the world on Monday weighing a healthy 7 pounds and 11 ounces. His mother Cathedral Law says she and Lance's dad tried to do everything right prior to his arrival.

Law says, "I always was a little scared that something may go wrong so I always tried to eat the way I was suppose to eat, take my prenatal vitamins every day and keep my doctor appointments all the time."

But not every child is so fortunate. In fact Alabama's latest infant mortality statistics are grim.

Dr. Don Williamson, Alabama's Health Officer calls the statistics, ".. Extrodinarily disturbing. We have reversed a ... Basically 5 years of progress."

In the past Alabama has initiated a number of succesful programs geared toward lowering the numbers. That's why health officals are again looking for answers.

Williamson adds, "Hispanics are high."

Williamson says health investigators will disect what he calls a "cultural disparity."

He says, "African Americans are high, whites are probably the highest in the country".

The March of Dimes is also asking Dr. Williamson and Governor Riley to create an infant mortality task force....which could make sure Alabama has more full term, healthy babies..

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson