Spotlight Ministry of the Week - Adult Education

College Class - WH 302
18 - 23 year olds

A class for college students meets in the summer months and during the holiday breaks.

Cornerstone Class - WH 207
Couples and Singles, Mixed Ages

This class enjoys the Bible-centered lessons of the International Lesson Series. Class members participate in service projects and fellowship socials on a regular basis.

Discovery Class - WH 205
Couples and Singles, Mid 30's - 50's
This is an energetic discussion-style class with varied interests including Bible study, church history, current issues, etc. Members enjoy a caring fellowship with socials during the year and involvement in mission projects.

Emmaus Class - EB 104
Couples and Singles, 40's and older
The members of this friendly class have varied interests, but all enjoy the warm support and care of the group. Class members participate in round-table discussions on the Bible and related topics.

Explorers Class - WH 101
Couples, 30's - 40's

This class of young couples studies the Bible and enjoys topical discussions as related to the Christian life. Fellowship opportunities are offered throughout the year.

Fellowship Class - WH 104
Couples and Singles, 30's - 40's

The members of this class enjoy each other's fellowship, generosity and comfort throughout the year. The class focuses on Bible study and current issues that relate to the Bible and every day life. The Fellowship Class is taught by members and/or guest speakers. Mission projects are an important part of the class each year. The class also enjoys monthly social events.

Forester Class - WH 204
Couples and Singles, 50's - 60's

Members and guest speakers lecture and lead discussions on a variety of subjects including Bible study and topics relating to church and society. This group enjoys many fellowship activities beyond the Sunday School hour.

Give and Take Class - WH 206
Couples and Singles, Mixed Ages

A seminar format led by members or guest teachers is followed. Program includes an eclectic mix of theological, Biblical and current topics. Men and women of all ages are welcome.

J.O.Y. Class - FB 202
Women, Mixed Ages

This class is composed of a group of ladies who desire an in-depth study of the Bible in a discussion-type setting. This group enjoys a warm, loving fellowship.

Men's Wesley Bible Class - FB 200
Men, 40's and Older

Men of various ages comprise this class. The primary focus is upon Bible study, using the International Lesson Series. Rotating teachers lead in a lecture-type setting.

New Directions Class - EB 200
Couples and Singles, 40's - 50's
This large class is led by rotating teachers in their study of biblical-based lessons applied to contemporary life.

New Foundations Class - WH 102 & 103
Couples 30's - 40's
Class members share responsibility for leading this discussion-oriented class in studying topics related to the Bible and Christian life. This class enjoys gathering together for meaningful service projects as well as monthly social events.

New Horizons Class - FB 104
Singles and Couples Mixed Ages

This active class of singles, with some couples, studies the Bible and other topics of interest in relation to the Christian faith. Fellowship activities and service projects are held throughout the year.

Novus Class - WH 105
Couples, 30's - 40's
The focus of this class is Bible study and topical discussions pertaining to the Christian life. Class members and guest speakers lead the class in a discussion/lecture format. This group enjoys get-togethers beyond the Sunday School hour.

Oxford Class - WH 202
Couples and Singles, 40's - 60's
Adults wishing to grow together in their faith with an emphasis on Bible study and discussion, make up this class. Several class members rotate teaching assignments. Fellowship outside includes several class socials during the year.

Partners Class - FB 203
Couples, 20's - 30's
Newly married couples (5 years or less) who study a variety of topics. Lessons are lecture and discussion. Class enjoys fellowship activities.

Seekers Class - WH 203
Couples and Singles, 40's - 60's
The primary focus of this class is Bible study, with serveral class members rotating teaching responsibilities. Class members offer support to one another along life's journey. Outreach focuses on local missions.

Sowers Class - WH 203
Couples and Singles, 30's - 40's
This class is discussion-oriented and lessons are focused on Bible study. Class members enjoy fellowship and refreshments prior to their lesson. The Sowers Class wants to grow and enthusiastically welcomes visitors!

Tower Class - EB 202
Couples and Singles, 50's and older
A wealth of very capable teachers lead this large class in studying the Bible and other topics related to the Christian life. Monthly business meetings and quarterly social activities enable class members to enjoy an unusually warm and supportive fellowship.

Wesley Fellowship Class - WH 201
Women and Men, 60's and older
This large, supportive and caring group studies the International Lesson Series in a lecture - type class. Class meetings are held every other month to schedule teachers and to plan service projects and class socials.