National Guard and Reserve Units Called to Active Duty - November 6th

Unit Location # of Personnel
649 th Military Police Company San Luis Obispo, Calif. 42
U. S. Space Command, Army Reserve Element   Colorado Springs, Colo. 7
1 st Battalion, 265 th Air Defense Artillery, Detachment 2 Daytona Beach, Fla. 1
Joint Forces Command, Army National Guard, Forward Raleigh, N. C. Army 1
3 rd Battalion, 141 st Infantry, Company A Brownsville, Texas 140
Joint Forces Command, Army National Guard, Detachment 1  Virginia Beach, Va. 3
176 th Wing Kulis Air National Guard Base, Alaska Air National Guard 12
168 th Air Refueling Wing Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska 239
187 th Fighter Wing Montgomery, Ala. 191
117 th Air Refueling Wing Birmingham, Ala. 320
189 th Airlift Wing  Little Rock, Ark. 153
188 th Fighter Wing Fort Smith Regional Airport, Ark. 458
161 st Air Refueling Wing Phoenix, Arizona 143
162 nd Fighter Wing Tucson, Ariz. 199
144 th Fighter Wing Fresno, Calif. 233
129 th RQW  Moffett Field, Calif. 65
163 rd Air Refueling Wing March Air Force Base, Calif. 120
146 th Airlift Wing Channel Islands, Calif. 113
140 th Fighter Wing Buckley Air National Guard Base, Colo. 352
103 rd Fighter Wing Bradley Air National Guard Base, Conn. 309
113 rd Wing Andrews Air Force Base, Wash., D. C. 126
166 th Airlift Wing New Castle, Del. 155
125 th Fighter Wing  Jacksonville, Fla. 711
116 th Bomb Wing Robins Air Force Base, Ga. 71
165 th Airlift Wing Savannah, Ga. 469
 154 th Wing Hickam Air Base, Hawaii 318
132 nd Fighter Wing Des Moines, Iowa 167
185 th Fighter Wing Sioux City, Iowa 208
124 th Wing Boise, Idaho 151
126 th Air Refueling Wing Scott Air Force Base, Ill. 67
183 rd Fighter Wing Springfield, Ill. 111
182 nd Airlift Wing Greater Peoria, Ill. 61
181 st Fighter Wing Terre Haute, Ind. 68
122 nd Fighter Wing Fort Wayne, Ind. 149
184 th Bomb Wing McConnell Air Force Base, Kan. 264
190 th Air Refueling Wing Forbes Field, Kan. 118
123 rd Airlift Wing Louisville, Ky. 260
159 th Fighter Wing New Orleans, La. 193
102 nd Fighter Wing Otis Air National Guard Base, Mass. 687
104 th Fighter Wing Barnes Air National Guard Base, Mass. 105
175 th Wing Baltimore, Md. 158
101 st Air Refueling Wing Bangor, Maine 323
110 th Fighter Wing W. K. Kellogg Airport, Mich. 81
127 th Wing Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Mich. 302
133 rd Airlift Wing Minneapolis- St. Paul, Minn. 172
148 th Fighter Wing Duluth, Minn. 541
131 st Fighter Wing St. Louis, Mo. 232
 139 th Airlift Wing Rosecrans Memorial Airport, Mo. 66
172 nd Airlift Wing Jackson, Miss. 462
186 th Air Refueling Wing Key Field, Miss. 393
120 th Fighter Wing Great Falls, Mont. 235
145 th Airlift Wing Charlotte, N. C. 137
119 th Fighter Wing Hector International Airport, N. D. 529
155 th Air Refueling Wing Lincoln, Neb. 161
157 th Air Refueling Wing Pease Air National Guard Base, N. H. 161
108 th Air Refueling Wing McGuire Air Force Base, N. J. 225
177 th Fighter Wing Atlantic City, N. J. 940
150 th Fighter Wing Kirtland Air Force Base, N. M. 143
152 nd Airlift Wing Reno, Nev. 209
105 th Airlift Wing Stewart Air National Guard Base, N. Y. 294
106 th RQW Long Island, N. Y. 8
107 Air Refueling Wing Niagara Falls, N. Y. 124
174 th Fighter Wing Syracuse, N. Y. 263
109 th Fighter Wing Schenectady, N. Y. 143
178 th Fighter Wing Springfield, Ohio 249
121 Air Refueling Wing Rickenbacher Air National Guard, Ohio 223
179 th Airlift Wing Mansfield, Ohio 140
180 th Fighter Wing Toledo, Ohio 108
137 th Airlift Wing Will Rogers Air National Guard Base, Okla. 231
 138 th Fighter Wing Tulsa, Okla. 105
 173 rd Fighter Wing Klamath Falls, Ore. 332
142 nd Fighter Wing Portland, Ore. 349
193 rd Special Operations Wing Harrisburg, Pa. 225
 111 th Fighter Wing Willow Grove, Pa. 73
171 st Air Refueling Wing Pittsburg, Pa. 78
156 th Airlift Wing  Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico 186
143 rd Airlift Wing Quonset State Airport, R. I. 210
169 th Fighter Wing McEntire Air National Guard Station, S. C. 95
114 th Fighter Wing Sioux Falls, S. D. 142
118 th Airlift Wing Nashville, Tenn. 87
164 th Airlift Wing Memphis, Tenn. 47
134 th Air Refueling Wing McGhee Tyson, Tenn. 209
149 th Fighter Wing San Antonio, Texas 59
136 th Airlift Wing Dallas- Ft. Worth, Texas 137
147 th Fighter Wing Ellington Field, Texas 147
151 st Air Refueling Wing Salt Lake City, Utah 522
192 nd Fighter Wing Richmond Byrd Field, Va. 788
158 th Fighter Wing Burlington, Vt. 891
141 st Air Refueling Wing Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash. 123
Detachment 1 - M6 Camp Murray, Wash. 145
115 th Fighter Wing Truax Field, Wis. 409
128 th Airlift Wing Mitchell International, Wis. 275
130 th Airlift Wing Yeager Air National Guard Airport, W. Va. 119
167 th Airlift Wing Shepherd Field, W. Va. 113
153 rd Airlift Wing Cheyenne, Wyo. 113
Various Units Various Air Force Reserve 189
Individual Mobilization Augmentees Various Air Force Reserve 8

An additional 194 Army reservists and Army National Guard members are being called to active duty today as part of the partial mobilization authorized by President Bush. This brings the total Army reserve force soldiers called to active duty to 14,125 to date.

The soldiers called to active duty in this announcement serve in six different units from six states. Among the specialties represented by these units are military police, air defense and infantry.

Also, an additional 189 members from organizations and eight individual mobilization augmentees of the Air Force Reserve Command were called to active duty. The Air Force has reviewed the Air National Guard units and individuals called to active duty and provides the attached cumulative roster of call-ups to date. This brings the total Air Force reservists called to active duty to 28,989 to date.

At any given time, services may mobilize some units and individuals while demobilizing others, making it is possible for these figures to either increase or decrease.

Total number currently called to active duty for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 14,125; Naval Reserve, 6,533; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, 28,989; Marine Corps Reserve, 612; and the Coast Guard Reserve 2,198. This brings the total Reserve and National Guard called to active duty to 52,457 from 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and individual augmentees.

Source:  Department of Defense