"Almost" Facelift During Your Lunch Break

35 year old Michele Conner just had a baby, and she's treating her self to a laser proceedure that makes the skin tighter... Almost like a mini face lift.

She says, "I've noticed some of my wrinkles becoming a little more pronounced.... Water retention and things like that so... I figured it was worth a try."

Skin tightning is only one of several treatments offered. Things like botox, dermal fillers, laser vein removal and other laser proceedures.  They are becoming so comonplace, people can literally get them done on a lunch break.

Dr. Tim Bodie is certified in family medicine. He says it's important when using a laser to have an expert....     Bodie says, "Physicians basically do all the procedures in our office."

While Dermacare has a couple of physicians on staff, not all facilities do. That's why the board of medical examiners has established a board to look into the use of lasers, and who should operate them.

Larry Dixon heads the Board of Medical Examiners, "The whole idea is that the buyer needs to be certain that the individuals doing the laser work are licensed by some state agency."

Dixon says if the laser work isn't too deep on the skin, it may be done by someone who is not a physician.

Dr. Bodie says you should do your homework first. He maintains skin type, medicines, and other factors should all be weighed in. And people who have certain medical histories may not be eleigible for some proceedures.

While science is making progress at light speed, even advanced technology needs the expert touch.

Among the services offered: Laser Toning for wrinkles , acne scars, sagging, stretch marks and more; FotoFacial for age spots, freckles, sun damage, spider veins, enlarged pores, and rosacea; Skin tightning for a non surgical face lift; Laser vein removal which requires no needles; Acne Light Treatment; Dermal Fillers like restylane for smile lines and wrinkles and botox good for 90 days.