Chilton County Humane Shelter Burglarized

Helpless and abandoned animals depend on the Chilton County Humane Society, but someone recently made that job more difficult. "We are struggling day by day," Tonya Gold.

Sometime between closing Thursday night and opening Friday morning someone stole nearly $200 from the shelter.  $200 doesn't sound like much money, but to a shelter that is already struggling, it means a lot.  Gold says, "It was a lot of unexpected things. Our crematory is broke down, our van broke down."

Just last month alone the shelter took in nearly a thousand animals.  It's running out of space. So, they're forced to let some dogs roam free outside the shelter. "we are housing too many animals," says Gold.

Because they have more animals, they need more money for food and other supplies. That's why this theft hits them so hard.  Gold says, "We are always low on dog food, cat food and litter."

They say what hurts most is that whoever took the money didn't just steal from the shelter, they also took away from the animals and the public.  Gold says, "They stole from the citizens who donate the money, too."

The Chilton County Humane Society also needs volunteers. It had to shut down on some days because it doesn't have enough help.  If it's time or money you would like to give, call the shelter at 205-755-9170. The shelter will hold a yard sale October 7.  All donations are welcome.

Reporter: Sally Pitts