Terrell Owens' Dad Responds

L.C. Russell: "it scared me too! ."

L.C. Russell says he was at work all day and didn't know about the stories from Dallas about his son's attempted suicide until he got about 20 phone calls at work..... He says it hurts "It does, but life goes on ."

He says he's sure his son did not attempt suicide. It's just not in his character, "They gave him pain medicine ...they put a clamp in and gave him pain medicine and I think that pain medicine just simply relaxed him that's all."

And he's not happy about all the media coverage, "They got it all twisted as they do a lot of times."

He plans to talk to his son tonight. And there is one message he wants his son to understand, "I would tell him that I love him and that he needs to get up and go on with this life and forget about what these people are saying and all that."