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Woodward Brought Back to Montgomery to Face Capital Murder Charge

Woodward Woodward

The man accused of the shooting death of 30-year-old officer Keith Houts is 35-year-old Mario Woodward.

Among the charges he's facing: capital murder.

Police caught up to him at a convenience store in Stockbridge, just outside metro Atlanta, on Friday.

Woodward waived extradition Friday and was returned to Montgomery Saturday afternoon.

As soon as the police officers got the word that the suspect was near they filed out of the police station to take a look. They wanted to see for themselves what the person looked like who they believe shot their fellow officer.

Woodward told our Eileen Jones that he did not shoot officer Houts, but officers say his word doesn't mean much.

"I've seen the likes of him before and people like that don't ever tell the truth and don't own up to their actions," said Major Kevin Murphy.

Major Murphy is one of four officers who went to pick up the suspect Mario Woodward but before they left, they stopped by to see Houts.

"On the way there I had a lot to reflect on and think about and the moment I laid eyes on Woodward it was anti-climatic. I was there to do a job and I knew we had to do it the right way and I even told Mr. Woodward he had nothing to be afraid of that we were going to be professional that we were going to abide by the law," said Major Murphy

He says as they were leaving to come to Montgomery Woodward appeared scared..

"The only thing I said to him before he got in the car there at the Henry County Jail was that his life would never be the same, and he looked at me and nodded his head and that's the only comment I made to him," said Major Murphy

Shortly after they booked Woodward at the city jail they moved him to the county jail.

Reports are he offered no resistance. However, that's probably of little help to officers who are feeling a lot of emotions right now. After seeing Woodward they cried and hugged and consoled each other over all that's happened since in the past two days.

"It's a relief. He's in custody and the law is the law of the land," said Major Murphy.

Woodward is now in maximum security at the county jail with no bond.

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