More Of Your Comments To Officer Keith Houts' Family

It just makes me sick and sad at the same time that someone thinks they have the right to take a man away from his family and kids...when he is just doing his job in the first place. He was a man who served and protected his country and his community. I dont know why
the good go young..but it seems they always do. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
Katie Witmore
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of
the officer. Its a dam shame the out come for the shooter did not turn out
to be like the shooter in Florida,would have saved the public millions to
not have to house that dirt bag. J from Troy
My families thoughts and prayers are with you
during this time of crisis.  Hold strong, the Lord will guide you the rest
of the way.

SSgt Gary Fletcher
Alabama Air National Guard

we would like to say how sorry we are for this
sinceless tragedy.I just heard the news of Officer Houst passing
away.Society has become absolutelt deplorable.I am so glad Officer Houst
has gone to a better placeFrom what I have heard of him,he was a special
person,and he will be of much use as an Angel . to his family please
remember he loved you , and he would not want you to be upset . just
remember he will be with you every minute of every day even if you can't
see him.Trust me when you close your eyes and breath deep and slow ,you
will feel him there with you . I pray you find peace within yourselves .
don't grieve in loss,but rejoice in the fact he is with our Lord in
paradise .
The Rolan Family Wetumpka,Al

Officer Houts and his family are in my
prayers.  May God give you the strength and comfort tht you need during
this tragic time.
Shirley Henley
Clanton, Alabama
A prayer for your loved one:
Sacred Heart of Jesus, you invite all who are heavy burdened to come to
You and find rest. Teach me to reach out to You in my need. Help me to
lead others to your Sacred Heart. Touch my soul with Your compassion for
others. Touch my heart with Your courage and love for all. Touch my mind
with Your wisdom and grace. Touch gently my life with your healing hand.
From David, Patricia, and Amanda O'Hara
Our thoughts and prays are with you and your
family Officer Housts. We will continue to pray for your well being.May
the Lord continur to be with you.
The Cole's in Tallassee

Keith and his families. My heart goes out so deeply. I do apologize. I
love his sister for saying vengance is the LORD'S because it is and no one
is getting away with anything. JESUS CHRIST be with all of you's, Our
PRAYERS are with you all.
Voncil McCurty

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and
your family at this difficult time.  Know that the love of the people of
Montgomery aree with you. May the Lord watch over you and be your
strength. The honor and bravery of your loved one will not be forgotten.
God Bless You.
My thoughts and prayers are with the officer
and his family and friends. I never know what to say in situations like
this and feel very inadequate.

To the other law officers please know that you are in my prayers each day
and may God be with you and keep you safe and help direct your decisions.

Robbie D
My family and I are sadden to hear of such a
tragic event. The Montgomery Police Dept. is one of the finest and to have
a horrible thing like this to happen to one of their best is
heartbreaking. We are praying for the family of Officer Houts and for his

Richard and Eugenia Boykin
My heart, thoughts and prayers goes out to
Officer Keith Houts, his family and MPD officers. Let us all pray for a

MPD Retired, Cassandra Williams
Keith, just want you to know that you're in
our thoughts and prayers. We pray for your full and complete recovery. God
Bless you and your family.

            Sgt. P.C. Callahan
            Alabama DPS Retd
work at Jackson Hospital in Surgery and I
would just like to say that I am keeping Officer Houts and his family in
my prayers.  It is very emotional everytime I have to walk by the unit and
see all the Montgomery Police Officers, you can tell they all care so much
for one of their own.  Again, my prayers are with you.

Michelle Robinson
it is so hard to grasp with this happening
during a routine stop. with the world in so much turmoil; war abroad,
children unsafe, now people trying to do their jobs and getting hurt, it
is hard to understand, why? we just have to continue to pray for everyone.
my prayers and thoughts go out with this family. hold on to each other and
GOD'S unchanging hand.

Vanessa Lee

Dear Family,
 I am writing this to tell you all that you are in my Prayers. My Heart
goes out to you and to your loved one. I hope and Pray that he is able to
make a full recovery. I want you to know that we are all grateful for the
service he has made to us and to the city. It is because of Officers like
him that we are able to live and thrive in this city of ours. Without men
and woman who put their selves on the line for us we would all be in real
jepordy. Please myself and my family are praying for you all and will
continue to do so. Be Blessed and know that you are loved. God Bless You!
Teresa Jones
Stay strong Officer Houts. We are praying for
you to be healed.  You already have courage.  Keep it up.  You have lots
of support and lots of prayers.  Always remember God is with you and that
is what is most important.

Healey Family
Opelika, AL
The shooting of officier should be a call to
arms for all the communities of Montgomery to get behind the police and
the Mayor to rid our streets of thugs and punks and make the job of
protecting the citizens of Montgomery safer and easier.
My Son and I are praying for this valiant officier and for his family.God
Bless you all and be with you.
Merle and Mac Baker

Our family is constantly thinking and praying
for you.  Every night we add a special prayer to our baby's bedtime
prayers for Keith. Please know that God is hearing every one of these
prayers, even from the smallest of us. Our hearts are with you and God is
standing beside you always.
The Green Family
My prayers and thoughts go out to Officer
Houts and his family and friends, especially to our Montgomery Police
Department and all of our Law Enforcement community.  Theirs is a selfless
and challenging calling.  I pray that the outcome of this tragic event
will bring peace, solace and comfort.  I bless you, in the name of the
Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

J. Colotario
Prattville KoC

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.  I pray every morning and
night for the family, friends and for Keith.  May God bless you all. This
horrible tragedy feels like it has happened to one of our family members.

Phyllis Abbey

Deatsville, Al

Dear Ms Houts and Families,
    When I heard about Officer Houts,my heart got hardened, and I began to
weep and pray.I'm a 30 year(Disabled).  Law Enforcement Officer and Peace
Officer. As I sat and began to think of something to say,when I heard we
could send prays and thoughts into WSFA,to you, I asked God what would be
a pray for such a tragedy. God laid Romans 8-28, on my heart as he laid it
on Paul's heart to tell the Romans.

 " And we know that all things work together for good to them that love
God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."

My wife and I pray that God our Lord Jesus Christ,would wrap his arms
around Officer Houts,you Ms Houts and Both Families and heal the wounds
Officer Houts received, and heal the aching and broken hearts of all the
Family members and friends, also we ask you Jesus to wrap your arms around
the broken hearted family members of the other Officers that were killed
and injuried in the past 2 weeks in other parts of the U.S.,because they
to need your Love, and warming Peace.
 As we ask in our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

F.T.(Tom)  & Pat Brock

Officer Houts and all the family area in my
thoughts and prayers.  May God give you the strength and comfort that you
need during this tragic time.
Shirley Henley
Clanton, Alabama
The members of the law enforcement community in Greenville and Butler County and South Central Chapter 39 of the Fraternal Order of Police, and the members of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, have Keith, his family and the members of MPD in our thoughts and prayers.
We care about each of you.  We also stand ready to assist in any way we

Fr. Fred Lindstrom, Chaplain
GPD, Butler SO, Lodge 39 FOP
Rector, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, former Sgt. Atlanta Police Dept.
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.  The MPD is such a fine group of men and women.  This young man was doing his job as it should have been done.  I know it must be some comfort that an arrest has been made.  Put trust in God and He will give you
there are no words that can be said to help
the pain and hurt that your family are in right now but I do want to say
that I will be praying for your love one and remember that God will make a
way for you all and I do believe that this young man is an strong man and
he will pull through may God please each and every one of you all
Brenda tinsley

I hardly can find the words. Keith is a good
friend of mine and has been for many years. I always knew him to be a
caring and selfless person. Lord knows he was there for me many times. My
heart goes out to the Houts family. Stay strong Keith... I love you man.

Brandon Caryl