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Alabama Democrats Beat Republicans in Fundraising

Republicans placed a priority on winning control of the Alabama Legislature after dominating recent statewide and judicial elections. But if dollars end up equaling votes, their efforts will not be successful.

An Associated Press review of campaign finance reports shows that Democrats have raised more than $14.4 million in their effort to retain control of the 105-member House and 35-member Senate, compared to about $6.5 million raised by Republican candidates.

In the 23 Senate races where there is both a Republican and Democratic candidate on the ballot, the Democrat has raised more money in 18 of those races, while the Democrat holds the fundraising advantage in 28 of 44 House races with a matchup between the two parties.

Democrats currently hold a 63-to-42 advantage in the House and a 25-to-10 lead in the Senate and those margins may be an example of the obstacles Republicans face in trying to remove Democrats from the Legislature, where they have been in control for more than 100 years.

The AP survey found contributors mostly favor incumbent lawmakers, regardless of party affiliation.

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