Lake Martin Area Pushes For Economic Development

Tallapoosa and Coosa counties are moving heaven and earth to hang out the welcome sign.

Don McClellan is the director of the Lake Martin Area Economic Development Alliance.  He says, "We're looking for good jobs to begin with ... and we're looking for jobs that can replace some of the job loss we've had in this area."

A 1998 restructure in the textile industry ment about 4500 jobs lost. So now he believes they have a workforce not only available, but very technically trained, "With Hundai in Montgomery, Kia in Georgia, and Honda to our north, we feel like we are in a good position with the automobile industry."

McClellan says he would like to get some suppliers to all the plants, as well as other industry. He says they need diversity for their ecconomic base,  "Try to improve the wage scale and the quality of life in the area ."

He says folks who live here realize they are responsible for their own future. And they know they must let prospective business know about their assets.... Including 3 industrial parks.

While the airport industrial park is full, he says there's plenty of room for more business,  "In one of those parks we have 602 acres of land. We have a road cut in. We have the utilities at the site."

That's the William Thweatt park in Dadeville. In the Lake Martin Regional Industrial Park there is 250 acres left with a 4 lane roadway leading in. There are some businesses looking to locate here, but nothing is final yet. Mcclellan and local leaders will continue their recruiting efforts.

Reported By:  Ashley Anderson