Does it Work - November 13th - 15th

If you've ever been on a diet, you know that sometimes the last ten pounds are the hardest to lose. But with the help of this "Does It Work" product, dieting may become a lot easier.

You've probably heard an advertisement for the "Original Hollywood Celebrity Diet." Its founder states that you can lose up to ten pounds in two days. According to the label, it's a two day juice fast and the official diet of Hollywood certified by the Hollywood chamber of commerce.

Since we are talking about the celebrity diet we thought that we would ask one of our favorite WSFA celebrities to take part. Joey Parker agreed to take the "Hollywood Celebrity Diet" "Does It Work" challenge.

We started by weighing Joey. He came in at ??. Next we headed to the kitchen. The instructions say that you should mix four ounces of the "Hollywood Diet" mixture with four ounces of water and begin sipping.

But don't sip too fast!!! You'll have to sip on that eight ounce combination for the next four hours and then you'll have to repeat that process three more times during the first day!

The directions also remind you that during your time on the "Hollywood Diet" you can't have any food, alcohol, or caffeine. The directions also suggest that you drink the normal eight ounces of water each day that you're on the diet. This is on top of the 32 ounces of fluids that you will have already consumed while sipping for 16 hours straight.

Joey successfully sipped his first class of the diet mixture on Tuesday morning.  By Thursday, he was feeling a little weak.  "I feel a little bit shaky and I don't know if that's a lack of food or a lack of caffeine. Since I get up so early in the morning, I have coffee; I have 'Diet Coke'; I have a lot of caffeine in my diet. So, now no caffeine, no 'Coke,' it makes you feel a little weak."

Many people have asked about the taste. Joey said the mixture didn't taste all that bad. He said that it reminded him of the old fruit drink "Tang" or just an orange-flavored drink. Although the taste didn't bother him, going without food, caffeine, or alcohol for 2 days did. And, according to registered dietitian Angela Garrett, that could make anyone weak.

"Well, you're not getting enough calories and you're not getting enough carbohydrates which is your body's energy source and so your body is going to scavenge body fat which could lead to headaches, dry mouth, any of the other symptoms that are associated with the high protein, low carb diet," explains Garrett a registered dietician at Jackson Hospital.

Now to the question that everyone is asking? Did Joey actually lose any weight? Did he cheat? We'll have to take Joey at his word. He says that he didn't cheat, not even eating a peppermint. As for losing pounds, he did. He lost five pounds but feels it is something that he could have done without spending $19.95 on the "Hollywood Diet." Joey feels he could have lost the same weight by just drinking water and taking vitamins

Although Joey didn't lost 10 pounds, he did lose some weight so I don't want to give a "pass" or "fail" to the "Hollywood Celebrity Diet." You'll have to judge this one for yourself . if you think that it works.

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