Accused Killer of Montgomery Police Officer in Court Today

WSFA has new developments in the shooting death of a Montgomery Police Officer. 
       Prosecutors brought accused killer Mario Woodward back into court this morning for the first--in a series of moves--to keep him behind bars.
       deputies surrounded the 32 year old capital murder suspect on the way into the courtroom... 
     He's accused of fatally shooting Montgomery officer Keith Houts during a traffic stop last week.
     Prosecutors filed paperwork to revoke Woodward's probation on previous criminal convictions.     
      The judge  listed a number of violations including  the capital murder charge Woodward faces for the death of officer Keith Houts.
      When the judge asked Woodward if he understood what was happening, the only response he gave was, "yes."
      After the hearing was over, the judge sent Woodward back to maximum security in the county jail and set a  hearing for October 20th.