YMCA gets new playground in one day

These folks are not carpenters, but volunteers who are investing in their children's future.

Jeanine Herring is an Atlanta BellSouth volunteer who advised us, "This is a bench ... We'll mark it so you'll know which one to avoid."

She's teasing of course, but the mission here is for children.

Angie Miller is the Selma YMCA CEO, "We have 5 side projects, as well as the playground. So that's 6 projects in one day.  It's not just adults that are volunteering their sweat equity here today. It's also children that are making their imprint. Take for example these stepping stone. This is one that ryan will be able to show to his grandchildren.

That community spirit is alive and well in Wallace Skinner who says he's 39 going on 83,  "I like doing something for the community."

Or personal paybacks for folks like Joe Knight, "Because I grew up in the YMCA. My daddy died when I was 11 years old and Paul Grissmore became my surrogate father."

Miller adds,  "Not everybody really wants to give of their time and get dirty and move mulch for 6 hours."

Maybe not .... But don't tell that to these volunteers.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson