Is Our Local Food Supply Safe?

Marver Nidiffer says she does listen to news reports about product recalls and it does effect the way she shops,  "Even though you wash it and you cook it, if you don't get it to a certain degree's it's not safe."

New concerns about the "Foxy" brand of lettuce from Salinas California have some folks skipping the salad in favor of other fresh produce. But Dr. Jack Hataway of the state health department says consumers should remember, "Our food supply has a good track record of taking care of us and keeping us overall, healthy ."

Hataway says when you shop it's important to know what recalls are out there. And when you get home he says, "It's always a good idea before you prepare any food, whether it's produce or meat, to wash your hands."

He says that should be before, during and after food preperation to avoid cross contamination.  Local producers who ship to area schools, restaurants and grocery stores say they were advised over the weekend about the lettuce before anything was distributed.

While vendors here have not noticed an increase or decrease in purchases of those specific products, it is something people are talking about.

Reporter: Ashley Anderson