Poll: Republicans Ahead in Most State-Wide Races

Irene, the official democrat donkey
Irene, the official democrat donkey

Are Alabama democrats losing their edge? A new poll shows the party may be in trouble.

A new survey by The Mobile-Press Register shows republican Bob Riley with a 25% lead over his democrat challenger, Lucy Baxley. The republicans are also doing better than expected in many other state-wide races.

The democrats used a barbeque event to rally the troops in Montgomery Monday. In attendance was the democrat donkey herself, Irene.

"She'll be taking pictures with the kids," Montgomery democrat party chairman Jimmy Pool said. "We don't expect her to get out of the van tonight, unless she escapes!"

The democrats may need Irene's inspiration after the latest poll figures. They show Secretary of State Nancy Worley and Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks are the only state-wide office holders ahead of their republican challengers.

Democrat candidates for attorney general, state treasurer, and state auditor are all behind. And the race for Lt. Governor is neck and neck.

Pool says voters need to look at the candidates' experience.

"There's no question, we're a two party state and there's nothing wrong with that," Pool said. "The democratic candidates we put up are extremely qualified."

The state legislature may be the only place democrats retain their control. But even here, republicans are hoping for an even smaller democratic majority than before.

"Things are changing in Alabama," said Alabama republican party chairwoman Twinkle Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh points back to the Press-Register poll, which shows 45% of Alabamians identify more with the republican party. Only 35% prefer the democrats.

"Over the past decade, the republicans are becoming more like average Alabamians and the democrats seem to be moving more and more to left," she said.

Democrats call that hogwash.

"That Mobile Press-Register poll is wrong more often than it's right," Pool explained.

Pool says he fully expects the democratic candidates to be victorious. Apparently, even Irene is optimistic.

Pool joked, "Sometimes she'll tap her foot and that means the candidate is doing especially well!"