A Montgomery Family Needs Your Help

Adrienne Houston is enjoying a visit and some down time with her youngest daughter, Haley. The Houstons moved from Montgomery to Atlanta to be near Children's Hospital.

That's where 17 year old Jacob would receive his new liver...if a donor is found.

His mom remembers how his health declined, "He began to get sick last February . They said he had Mono, so we took him to the doctor and he went to the doctor from February until he got real sick in July."

Doctors realized something was terribly wrong with his liver. And then things got worse during later this summer, "That's when he had a seizure. He was fishing up at the lake with a friend of his."

At first doctor's thought his diabetes was involved. He was air lifted to Birmingham where he spent a week in i-c-u and had to be intubated, "We just knew they had lost him. They had called the family in because they said he wouldn't make it."

But Jacob pulled through and now is awaiting a transplant with a pediatric transplant team in atlanta.

But money is tight. Both parents left their good paying jobs and moved the family.

Adrienne comes back to work a few hours at a book store to earn a little money while she waits. She and her husband sold the family home and everything they own, "Post operation ...anti-rejection medication can cost up to two thousand dollars a month."

And despite giving up their belongings, she says, "Uou loose everything ......but it's worth it."

Worth it to have 3 healthy children and their family together.

If you would like to help this family..here's a way.....

There will be a rummage and bake sale Saturday October 14th from 7 am to 11 am at the St. Bede Parish Hall.  That's located at the corner of Perry Hill Road and Atlanta Highway or ypu can make donation at Maxwell Federal Credit Union to the Jacob Houston Fund.

Reporter: Ashley Anderson