Tending the Broken Hearted

At the Montgomery Cardiovascular Institute's Iron Bowl Luncheon things start out nice enough. Heart specialists with balloons, wearing t-shirts, tossing footballs that play music. But then somebody pulls out the dancing gorilla and the snarling tiger, and somebody gets hurt.

"We've got to get some control over this!" Control? Not even close. It's the interoffice rivalry, and if you think the emotion of the game is on the field, it's downright brutal here, especially if your team loses.

Alabama fan Connie Booth says, "You take your meds. That's all you can do. We're in a doctor's office and you learn to take medication!" Auburn fan Tina Estes explains, "There's a lot of ragging, a lot of Roll Tide songs, banners, and red and white stuff all over the place."

If you ask some people, it's actually the worst part of the game - putting up with the person in the next cubicle for 365 straight days. But if you ask one man, that would be a relief from home. He's in a mixed marriage. Administrator Collen Smith says, "If you win, you lose, if you lose, you win. So, it's a strange situation. All logic goes out the door!"

So as these doctors and nurses prepare to take care of the broken hearted be they red and white or orange and blue, they offer one sage piece of advice. "Hope basketball season goes better!"