Can True Friends Root for Opposing Teams?

It's a bit out of the ordinary for Jordan-Hare Stadium.  But there'll be a lot of red and white mixed in with the orange and blue at Saturday's Iron Bowl game.  That's because there are quite a few mixed marriages, businesses and friendships torn apart as otherwise rather friendly folks warm up to cheer on opposite teams.

Football may be the attraction, but it's seeing old friends that often keeps the fans coming back year after year after year.   Somewhere in the Jordan-Hare Stadum crowd of 86,000 people you will find in section 51, rows one and two, close friends who work together and have known each other for years.

Auburn fan Mike Counts says, "I have seasons tickets here and there are 86,000 seats in there.  He (Joel Perry) picks up two tickets last week and he's sitting right behind me."

And they'll be there, one right behind the other doing what they do every year for the Iron Bowl, yelling and screaming, but rooting for different teams. And to show where their loyalities lie, they have surrounded their RV with all their favorite signs and symbols.

Alabama fan Joel Perry explains, "It's the Jedd Clampett, hillbilly look but we're not there yet.  There's something missing. We're working on it."  They even have ornaments hanging like a string of Auburn Christmas lights and a collection of Alabama game cups that are covering another set of lights.

"We had a little problem last year with all the rain and wind in Tuscaloosa. So, we kind of bumped up some reinforced joints this time on it...and a lot of glue and a whole bunch of duct tape and you can't see them but there're a bunch a 2 x 4's on top of it holding our tarpe on. So, it kind of fits here in Auburn. It just kind of fits."

But the Auburn folks don't take those kind of insults well.  Even though the Alabama decorations seems to outnumber the Auburn ornaments here two to one. Does this mean Alabama has the power here?

Joel says, "It's because we have more money. We can afford the good plastic stuff. What do you say to that? There's not much Auburn stuff there? Mike says, "We don't have to have a lot of show. When we win the game that's all that matters."

And this kind of ribbing and joking between these divided friends seems to never end even though predictions are there's no dispute at all. Poll numbers show Auburn is the most likely team to win, but that doesn't stop Alabama fans from boasting. "How many times have y'all been to Atlanta now? Four or five. Did you ever get a shirt that said champions on it? Nooooooo. I don't think so!" ribs Joel.

And these debates will continue even when the game is over as these friends analyzing the plays and officials' calls during the game. Then these friends say that on the ride back home they'll start planning for next year's Iron Bowl  and their bragging rights. "