Flu Vaccine Headaches

It's that time of year again...you can tell by the state health officer's "flu barometer", I think my frustration gets higher every flu season ."

Higher also....the demand for flu vaccine...

Dr. Don Williamson says, "The problem appears to be that each one of the manufacturers is working at capacity. The literally are producing more vaccine than they can ship."

That can lead to misconceived notions on the part of the public.

Williamson adds, "Individuals in a community, and providers in a community may get their vaccine and the ones next door to them may not. Their going to get it ... They're just going to get it later."

The state health department has ordered more vaccine than ever before. ... 140-thousand doses. Even though about 41-thousand doses will be here by the end of the week, there's still a problem. "But unfortunately a large percentage of our doses are not going to come in until November."

Williamson says this creates a perception that there's a shortage.

He says, "The reality is that their doctor will get the vaccine, their health department will get the vaccine, they're just getting it at a different time than they did last year or at a different time than they might have wanted it."

The 'better late than never' adage may apply to Alabama because traditionally our flu season starts late.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson