Laboratory - Sagewood Research: is found on the use of naturopathic treatment principles.  Sagewood is becoming established as one of the leading centers of complementary medical research under the directorship of conventionally-trained medical doctors.  One of the aims is to accumulate publishable data that confirms the efficacy of Sagewood's natural medicine-based protocols.  Also, we seek to achieve long term pain relief and rapid recovery from injuries.  We have established a large reference database of thermal images across a broad range of diagnoses.

Homeopathy - This is based on the "like treating like" principal. (Homeopathy treats the person on a holistic level)

Pain Management - Alternative methods utilizing Herbs, Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.

BioEnergetic Assessment - EAV or Electro Acupuncture according to Voll, is a painless diagnostic tedchnique using computer technology. Points are electronically tested on the hands and feet whcih show a computerized graph corresponding to the energy present in acupuncture meridians and associated internal tissues of the body.  This testing is effective in finding underlying toxins in the body, as well as testing specific nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic remedies that can help to bring the body back into balance.

MicroVascular Therapy - Underlying many disease processes is the problem of impaired circulation in the capillary beds.  This therapy stimulates angiogenesis, and lays the groundwork for new tissue growth and repair in the healing process.

Chinese/Oriental Medicine - Qi Treatment is a unique system using electromagnetic stimulation through a streamlined series of major acupuncture points.  The circulatory system is driven by electromagnetic charge, and the blood also carries an electromagnetic chi "signal," a specific quality or wave pattern, throughout the body.

Lymph Stasis Therapy - Oxygen-fed Scalar Transmatter Tissue Detoxification System.
OAPD (Oxygen Assisted Photon Detoxification) - This is a non-invasive and non-cytoxic system that helps detoxify tissue by assisting the body in dissolving lumph blockages and restoring normal lymph flow using the nobel quantum scalar technology coupled with super-ogygenated oxygen (O3+) for remarkable healing potential.

Hyperthermia - Infrared Heat Therapy - The theory behind Hyperthermia is that raising the temperature of the body increases circulation and also increases the supply of oxygen to the cancer site.  Cancer cells do not thrive in the presence of oxygen.  The prolonged high temperatures of this treatment produce excellent results.  Infrared heat or energy produces a radiated heat that moves as energy waves.  This process allows the het generated in the panels to be absorbed by a body or object that lies within.

Life Coaching - What are you up to?  What's on your plate?  What do you want to make happen for yourself?  What do you need to make happen?  What do you need to make happen NOW?

In life, we often get "stuck in a rut."  Sometimes we have "breakdowns" and set-backs, and no matter how hard we try, we still don't get the result we want and need to feel successful.  Many times we sell ourselves short without relizing it; saying "I can't do it" or "I don't know how to do it."  Why does this happen?  Because we're missing a strategy, a plan of action that will help us reach our goal, a structure for fullfilling our dreams.  Without this structure, we fall into the rut of resignation, thinking that we need to merely tolerate or accept an unworkable condition.  There is a way to climb out of this situation!

Thermography - Medical infrared thermal imaging is unique in its capacity to visually record physiological problems and metabolic processes.  Infrared imaging is  anon-contact, non-invasive procedure for visualizing the body's physiological features.  Thermal imaging detects the increased metabolic heat associated with increased vascularity of most suspicious groths, and can sense the "thermal signal" often years in advance of a mass detected on x-ray.

Autogenic Therapy - A series of mental exercises which brings about profound relaxation similar to certain meditation states.  The exercises allow the mind to calm itself by switching off the body's stress response.  Physiological changes have been measured in the body showing that this occurs.  This in turn boosts the immune system function towards repair of the body and recovery.  The result is a more balanced activity of mind and body and an ability to switch into a calm state of mind easily and at will.

REMS Technology - Rebalancing Electro-Magnetic Spectrum.  Color therapy is "chromo-chemical affinization".  Each color coincides with certain chemical elements in the human body and has its own purpose in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of man.