Does It Work - November 20th

There are times when you need something more than just a wet rag to clean things up. So, the folks at "Micro Fiber" have come up with what they call the "Miracle Cloth."

The company claims the cloth can do all sorts of things and our "Does It Work" guy David Hagood puts a few of them to the test.

Clean faster, easier, better without chemicals or cleaning solutions. It doesn't seem like it could be possible but one company has developed a product that claims it can do that and much more.

Some of the claims seem too good to be true, like bathing your pet without water. The "Micro Fiber Miracle Cloth" has over 90,000 fibers per square inch, fibers that loosen, lift and absorb dirt like magic.

So powerful, the box says, that it can absorb microscopic particles of bacteria. We can't try out all of the "Micro Fiber's" claims but we will try out a few. On the back of the "Miracle Cloth" box, there is a claim that the cloth is  able to clean and polish kitchen and bathroom chrome in seconds, without chemicals.

First, we use just a plain, wet rag to see how clean it will get the bathroom faucet. We clean just the right side and the water stains come out. Remember, we're just using water. Now we open the "Miracle Cloth" package and begin cleaning. This time we clean without water and it works just like the instructions said it would.

Now I don't know how often you get lipstick messages left on your mirror, but just in case you do, the "Miracle Cloth" says it will take care of that too! So we put it to the test.

I complete my lipstick note by writing our call letters - WSFA on the mirror. Then I tried to take off part of the WSFA lipstick message with just the regular cloth. It seemed to work pretty good with just the regular cloth.

Next, we tried the "Miracle Cloth." The "Miracle Cloth" worked as advertised event taking off some of the smudge and smearing left by the regular cloth.

This product did pass the test that we gave it but some of its work could be performed as well with a normal everyday rag.

If you have a product that you would like David to test out you can e-mail him at