Farquhar Family Has Recipe for Harmony

26 years ago this month Andy Farquhar and Kathy Powell went on a blind date on the campus of Auburn University. They fell in love, got married, had three sons and now they're one of the Family Guidance Center's families of the year. "We have fun around here, when the activities get to the point where one's going one way and one's going the other sometimes you think, 'whoa'," says Kathy Farquhar.

In a house with two parents, three sons, two birds a dog and a cat, you'd expect to find chaos, but in the Farquhar home, there's commitment, love and a filled calendar. "It has everybody's schedule on it and we can keep up that way. If your schedule needs to change or there's an event you need to go to and we need to be aware of that then we write it on the calendar, we also put chores there and things like that," says Mrs. Farquhar.

One family activity is aiding others. The Farquhars do mission work with their church, help out at school, and also assist each other. Robbie Farquhar, the family's youngest son says, "like you have four people there just to help you and it helps because he's good in English and he's good in math; and it's all pretty good being the youngest."

His oldest brother Jamie says, "it's really nice, because you do have that extra support there instead of just your parents you know? They (my younger brothers) do mean a lot to me. They even help me out."

In the busy world of the Farquhars, dinners has a special significance; it's a chance to keep abreast of everyone's affairs. Middle son Charlie says, "but even after dinner it keeps going. Back in the room doing homework, brothers'll come in ask if we need any help, or mom or dad'll come in."

Their strong sense of faith is the major key to Farquhar togetherness; but other ingredients are in place too. Patriarch Andy Farquhar says there's, "teamwork and commitment and communication; pulling together and bonding with each other."

The Farquhar nest is beginning to thin out. The oldest son is in college, and the middle son will follow next year.