Fallen Prattville Soldier's Body is Back Home

The Prattville Police Department and Patriot Guard escort Private First Class Stephen Bicknell to Prattville. A soldier is now home. "We need a lot more like him," says Marvin Barrett, Bicknell's father-in-law.

The former Prattville football quarterback died in Iraq when his humvee ran over an explosive device. Bicknell's father-in-law remembers him as a good man who loved his wife. Barrett says, "I looked at his as a guy any father would be proud to call his son-in-law."

The family embraced as Bicknell's flag draped coffin was brought into the funeral home. They now must prepare to let go and say their final goodbyes. Visitation for Bicknell is Thursday at Prattville High School from 4:00 to 8:00. His funeral will be Friday at 1:00 at the First United Methodist Church in Prattville.

Bicknell's wife Miranda is expecting. It is a boy. We're told she'll name him Stephen, Jr. after his father.