Three Arrested After High Speed Chase

A high speed chase wound its way through three counties and netted three arrests Wednesday. After also driving through a school zone, the suspects were arrested in south Montgomery county.

Troopers say they tried to pull over the car when it sped through a construction zone on Interstate 65 in Crenshaw County. But the driver refused to stop.

Troopers almost immediately put their chopper in the air.

"It helps when we have someone in the air looking down to tell us which way the vehicle is going," said Trooper Hugh McCall.

Troopers chased the car into Montgomery county, where it sped through a school zone in Highland Home.

"(The trooper) knew it was coming, so he reduced his speed," said McCall. "Other troopers who were coming to assist him picked the pursuit back up."

In the end, it was a dead-end dirt road that stopped the car. It crashed in a field off Interstate 65 near Highway 31. The car was slightly damaged, as were three trooper vehicles.

The driver and two passengers were taken into custody and returned to Crenshaw County.

Troopers identified the passengers as Alonzo Preyear of Repton and Kenyon Thompson of Montgomery. Both men are charged with possession of marijuana.

The driver, General McArthur Betts of Repton, is also charged with possession, along with reckless endangerment.

Troopers say the chase serves a good time to remind motorists about Alabama's new Move Over law. It requires drivers to move into another lane and slow down whenever they see emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

Reporter: Mark Bullock