Political Attack Ads Hit Airwaves

The political sharks are circling and there is plenty of "blood" in the waters two weeks before the midterm elections. It seems the closer the race, the nastier the attacks.  "Usually by now, if they weren't close, the candidates would have backed off the negative advertising," says Analyst Ken Hare.

"I found my mother on a Saturday night. Her killer confessed," says Jennifer Murphy in the latest ad put out by Republican Attorney General candidate Troy King. At Murphy's request, King took over prosecution of Murphy's Mother's murder case from his now opponent John Tyson, who is the Mobile County District Attorney. Murphy goes on to say in the ad, "John Tyson said it might be years before we got a trial. We asked Attorney General Troy King to intervene. Troy King got an indictment in four days. "

Tyson says, "(Murphy) was on probation at the time and she was under investigation for another theft."  Tyson is firing back saying Murphy is a convicted thief, but Attorney General Troy King says despite her past, she's first a victim.

King says Tyson failed Murphy, now his is blaming her. "This case got top attention from the Mobile County District Attorney's office," says Tyson.

Lashing out seems to be in during these final days of a rough campaign season. Why? Analysts like Ken Hare say the answer is simple - it works. He says, "if it didn't work, they wouldn't be doing it."

Hare says while mudslinging is nothing new, this year there seems to be more than usual. He adds, expect it to continue through November 7th. Hare encourages voters to look at the facts behind an ad. He says just because it's negative doesn't mean it isn't fair.