Chief justice race becomes no holds barred

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Both of Alabama's candidates for chief justice are complaining about each other's ads.

Democratic Judge Sue Bell Cobb says Nabers' ad accusing her of having ties to gambling is a reminder of why Alabama has a reputation for some of the worst judicial campaigns in the country.

She filed a complaint Tuesday with a state Bar Association committee that monitors judicial campaigns.

Nabers says his ad is based of the facts.

He says Cobb is the one ignoring the facts when she accuses him of being heavily backed by the oil industry.

Byrdie Larkin, a political scientist at Alabama State University, says some of Alabama's nastiest campaigns have been in judicial races and the Nabers-Cobb race rises to that level.

Two groups that monitor spending in judicial races nationwide say Alabama's race for chief justice is on track to be the nation's most expensive court race this year.

Courtesy: Associated Press